300zx engine

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300zx engine

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I received a prompt reply, and a polite professional follow-up e mail. Do to surgery I was unable to to visit the dealership as of yet.

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They never responded. Contacted me right away and was very polite and let me know more about their financing. I got a good feedback from Ted Vernon Specialty Autos, fast and professional. Jorgen W. I have money to put down for a down payment and I also have a good job I need a truck asap plz. Dennis was great to talk to and do business with,we made a deal on the car and he is now helping me to find transportation of it from Florida to my house in Massachusetts.

Emailed me back Told me they were going to send pictures of vehicle. They did not send pictures. I live a ways away and I asked for a video and he did a super job. I just found this car with only 17k miles and purchased it instead if this one. Whenever I've contacted the dealership via email they're fairly quick to respond firing off a reply sometime in the afternoon. The only thing is that the responses are incredibly brief and sometimes not even full sentences. I don't get the feeling that they're interested in trying to make a potential sale, because they offer no follow-up questions and aren't very accommodating to people who don't live in the immediate area.

The Nissan ZX was introduced in and would span the third and fourth generations of Nissan's popular Z-car models. It featured a sleeker body and went from an inline 6 to a V6 engine. The ZX has a very loyal following, and many can still be seen on the road today. The ZX was known for its sharp styling and powerful engine, and yet was still considered affordable among sports car enthusiasts.

It has also done well on the racing circuit. The ZX was discontinued in to make way for the next Z-car, the Z. We'll help you find great deals among the millions of vehicles available nationwide on CarGurus, and we'll provide you with dealer reviews and vehicle history for each one.When the topic of s Japanese performance cars comes up, we as car enthusiasts tend to beat the proverbial dead horse.

We are so very passionate about these vehicles because they represent our realistic dream cars. They are the idols we can actually strive to obtain. The enormous amount of development resources that the Japanese auto manufacturers invested during this economic period can be seen by the technology present in these automotive offerings.

Inside a 300ZX with VR38 twin turbo power! - fullBOOST

Twin turbocharging, active aerodynamics, four-wheel steering, and electronically adjustable suspension; you name it, they had it.

Today, the steadfast cult following of these iconic vehicles has meant that prices have remained relatively strong. Just take a look at the price of any clean Toyota Supra. However, a few models still have an approachable buy-in price for the budget-minded buyer. I have always been fond of the Nissan ZX Z32 design.

Blessed with horsepower from the factory when the twin-turbo engine and manual transmission were checked on the options list, the car can still put modern sports car offerings to shame.

300zx engine

Many of these cars, however, have not lived easy lives. These automobiles do not fall into the reliable, happy-go-lucky category of Japanese cars you know so well. The timing belt, for example, needs to be changed every 60, miles or four years, whichever comes first.

Neglect is not something these cars will put up with. Zs come up for sale frequently but what is more challenging is finding one that feels right. Oil seals get old, electrics go wonky, belts need changed and turbo bearings need consistent lubrication. You want one that has been used but loved. Due to the above clauses, it is difficult to pinpoint market values on these cars. The purchase price is simply the down payment of ZX ownership.

I wanted a car with cosmetics that were original and honest but also had serviceable mechanical bones. My search for the right candidate went on for nearly 6 months without much turning up. Then, one morning, it happened. You can just tell when the right car shows up. The moment you see the listing you know you have to be the first one there to look at it or else the opportunity will have been snatched up before you can blink.

The car was local, priced right and I was on it. It was a twin turbo with a 5 speed and it had a whole host of tasteful performance upgrades.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In Japan this engine was used in the popular Nissan Fairlady Z until the year We can learn a lot about this engine just from its name. Nissan named each engine using a descriptive code of letters and numbers. The VG engine series was produced from to This particular engine began production in the United States in and was used until Eventually the VG series was replaced by the updated Nissan VQ engine in and is still in production today.

As we mentioned, the VG stands for the engine series but the other letters and numbers are meaningful, too. The Nissan Z-cars were so popular, in fact, that they became one of the best selling sports cars on the market with over one million sales in Nissan even ran a commercial for the car during the Super Bowl which showed the ZX beating a motorcycle, LeMans race car and an airplane in a drag race.

LS 300zx Swap

Sadly, the ad never aired again. Although this engine was based on the VG30DE non-turbocharged version, it was highly modified to handle the additional performance gains. The displacement was 3. Compare those specs to the popular muscle car of the Ford Mustang. The Mustang had a 5. You can clearly see just how important those twin turbos were to the success of the ZX. This engine had many great features to like about it.

However it was the last engine produced by Nissan that featured four valves per cylinder, belt drive, dual overhead cams and a turbocharger.

300zx engine

This made the engine sturdy enough to handle the extra horsepower created by the twin turbos. Many people on ZX forums like to claim that this engine is bullet-proof — meaning it will last a long time if you take care of it. Variable valve timing is used to improve performance and increase fuel efficiency.

Since the engine is a V6 with dual overhead cams it actually has 4 camshafts also called a quad-cam. There is a total of valves with 4 valves per cylinder.

The VG30DETT is still a popular engine today because it was built to last and produced horsepower with very few problems. As we mentioned, the Nissan ZX had more horsepower than the 5. This is probably why it became the best selling sports car on the market during those years.

Unfortunately, the engine was only available in the United States until That means there is only a limited supply of engines available still on the road for collectors and performance junkies to restore. If you happen to find one, let us know how your project goes.

We always like to hear about our readers rides.We asked Alan to elaborate on his motivation to build this car after the difficulty he encountered trying to build the custom wide body version that had to be aborted.

He was quite candid in his remarks. The Gold car was a wide body car I was building but it ended up getting binned after I found that I could not get it road registered.

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I had gotten approval from an engineer but it turned out he was dodgy and had given me wrong information. A lot of time and money was wasted on that car. The dogbox came out and was rebuilt. The engine was rebuilt with a cam upgrade and moved over to a Link G4 aftermarket ecu. The rear subframe came out and I fitted a r32gtr mechanical 2way diff. All suspension bushings were replaced with Energy Suspension bushings and I had MCA a local coil-over manufacture make a set of custom coil-overs for the car.

The engine bay was shaved and the battery relocated to the boot.

300zx engine

This is my 3 rd. While the Twin turbo vg30 engine they come with is a brilliant engine to drive, the maintenance was high and everything was so difficult to do as they crammed a lot of engine into the bay. My first few cars were v8 muscle cars and I missed the simplicity of the engines and the sound.

The LS1 was the obvious choice. Affordable and simple with good power, reliable and easy to maintain. Perhaps the latter is a bit ambitious but you never know. First of all, they are way cool cars with great supercar styling and pretty competent underpinnings for hot lapping in whatever venue you prefer. The aluminum LS engine is a perfect choice for swapping because of its light weight and great power potential. He started out to build a wide body car with a body kit and some personal modifications but found out he wouldn't be able to get it certified.

So he switched horses and picked up the white beauty on ebay for The LS1 engine looks almost factory fresh in the engine bay of the Nissan, but it took a lot of subtle modification to make it right. Alan began this project to promote his company AutoSpark Evolution, an automotive specialty company that performs custom wiring and component installation for customers who can't do their own modifications. It's pretty clear from this that Alan doesn't deal in half measures.

Even the smallest modification or detail did not escape attention in his quest to do this right.

300zx engine

Looks almost like a factory engine bay with a hot V8. The Japanese automaker would likely not be pleased with this sort of replacement grunt for its sophisticated turbo system.

All aluminum LS1 donor engine represents the perfect swap material for Alan's project: affordable, powerful, compact and light weight.

Engine and transmission mock up for fitment using temporary wooden adapter plates based on dimensions obtained for the adapter manufacturer. Trial fitting the new LS! A very subtle, near stock appearing beast with a 12 second bite.

The Australian 300zx Owners Association

All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Contact Us Advertising.Log in or Sign up. The Australian zx Owners Association. Z Related. Non Technical Discuss all Z related non-Technical topics here - where to source products or service, cosmetic upgrades etc Discussions: 21, Messages:Member's Garage Rebuilding your ZX?

Post about it here. This is for major rebuild threads only, minor mods and tech questions still go in Z Related Technical Discussions: Messages: 21, Coming Events Planning an event?

Discussions: 1, Messages: 39, Latest: Japanese Car Day jimmeyzAug 20, Post Event Discussion Got an event write up? Want to share some photos from a cruise, social event or track day? Discussions: 1, Messages: 23, Latest: Car Parts for Sale or Wanted Z specific parts privately for sale. Discussions: 11, Messages: 92, Latest: Second hand parts robOct 5, For Sale by Businesses Zed-related items for sale by commercial traders.

Discussions: 1, Messages: 27, Latest: ZedFest polos robApr 23, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?The LS zx Swap is a prevalent engine swap. The zx z32 is a Japanese sports car manufactured between Nissan originally offered it with a 3.

Nissan offered an auto and manual gearbox variant of the z The manual zx transmission is a 5-speed that could withstand a beating. Designing a way to bolt a Z32 transmission to an LS creates viable options for a zx engine swap. With the availability of an LS zx swap kit, many Nissan enthusiasts can have the sporty looks of a zx with the reliable power of a GM V8.

The LS is a family of GM engines that debuted in The truck version was known as the iron-block, while they introduced the lighter weight, all-aluminum LS1 for the new C5 Corvette. GM produced these engines between and in the US. They nicknamed the group of engines LS. Although the z32 is not, by any means, a slow car, they do not have the power to break the tires loose at the blip of a throttle like an American V8 can.

With the engine being the weakest link, and the body styling and drivetrain thriving, the z32 zx is a perfect candidate for a zx ls swap.

Racers and serious drivers want lighter cars with stable handling. In particular, drifters and other racers favored the zx LS Swap. Because of its popularity, the automotive aftermarket offers a variety of off-the-shelf products to make the ls zx swap easier. The range of components required for a successful swap made it worthwhile to develop replacement parts.

1996 Nissan 300ZX

Some of the assemblages include. A great feature of the LS series is the compatibility between different LS engine generations. That flexibility creates opportunities for devising less expensive but advantageous upgrades. For example, fitting an LS2 head on an LS1 engine adds more horsepower. Therefore, interchanging the parts is an easy way to maximize the potential of the swap. Also, having the choice between the lightweight all-aluminum or the heavier cast iron engine makes this platform desirable in a wide variety of projects.

The availability of these transmissions is lacking; therefore, the price has skyrocketed. The scarcity and cost of the t56 are why G Force has engineered transmission swap kits to allow the use of other popular transmissions. Here, the Z32 transmission is worth considering. It is robust yet compact. Because it costs a fraction of a t56, the zx transmission is a frequent choice for the budget-conscious.

G Force is an established aftermarket resource known for the strength, durability, and reliability of the parts we manufacture. We offer an array of transmission and suspension parts engineered to make complex projects such as the LS zx swap more straightforward to complete. The Z32 adapter kit simplifies the conversion by including. Even though this is a popular conversion, every project is different.


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